Your Smart Virtual Pianist
For Ballet Dancers!

Ballegro is a music app especially for ballet lovers. It helps dancers and teachers practice Anywhere, Anytime, Any Tempo! 

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All individual dancers, dance parents and/or dance teachers can enjoy Ballegro for free by sharing the love.

If you are an influencer in the dance community, we would love to partner up with you!  

If you are a dance company, studio, school or organization, you are eligible for our Partner-Affiliate Program.

Ballegro Player is a a smart virtual pianist,  a streaming app that works as hard and as well as a live pianist.  

Modify tempo to optimize teaching and practice using the built-in music player.

Quickly find ideal music for practice  - by exercise, length, rhythm and genre - using smart search filters.

Upload your own music collection and access all of Ballegro’s Player’s benefits. 

Or, take advantage of Ballegro's curated music library.  

Practice anywhere, any time, any tempo! 


Ask The Maestro

Ask your personal pianist to quick search your ideal music in seconds

My Music

Instant 1-click integration between your Media Library and Ballegro Player (mobile)

My Playlists

Build your own class playlists with songs from your own and our libraries

Tempo Adjuster

Use Ballegro Music Player to adjust tempo, delay start and set repeats

Ballegro Library

Access, listen and play our constantly growing ballet music library

Ready-To-Go Playlists

Save time with our monthly playlists created by the ballet pros around the world

Import User Songs

Import your own songs and sync across all platforms (web only)

Listen Offline

Download your playlists to play offline anywhere (mobile only)


Our Referral Program is open to any individual dancers, dance parents and/or dance teachers who are not already part of one of our other incentive programs.

Individual must not be part of any of our other incentive programs, and can be either a Free Plan or Premium Subscriber (either monthly or yearly).

  1. Sign up on the Ballegro Programs webpage.
  2. Once we receive your application, we'll create a unique coupon code for you.
  3. You'll receive your unique coupon code by email.  Use it right away to enjoy 50% off your next month's subscription.
  4. Start sharing your unique coupon code with people you know would love Ballegro.
  5. We tally up coupon code referrals four times a year (March, June, September, December).  Every time your tally hits 10, you receive another six months of Premium for free.
  6. You are part of a new rhythm making its way into the dance community.


When you join the Referral Program, you get 50% off your next month's Premium subscription to Ballegro.  After that, for every 10 new Premium subscribers who sign up using your unique referral code, you receive a 6-month Premium subscription for free.


If you are an influencer in the dance community, we would love to partner up with you! Influencer Duties include:

  • One weekly post
  • 4 posts total for ONE MONTH
  • ONE MONTH of Use
  • Give a dance tip to your followers and demonstrate it using the one of our app features
  • Suggested Topics and Content:
    • How did you discover the app
    • What is Ballegro Player and how it works [Include link to our website] 
    • What’s on my Ballegro playlist?
    • Describe how and why it’s useful for you [Describe in depth our Tempo Adjuster]

Offer your subscribers to download our app, subscribe to our Premium Plan and receive a special bonus by using your Unique Coupon Code.


As a Thank-You for being a Ballegro Influencer we want to send you all of our SWAGS in addition to a commission to support the great work you have been doing! This is just the start of our Partnership and we want see you grow and grow with you!

At the end of the month we will be in close contact to review our partnership and the possibility of a much bigger offer.


If you are a dance company, studio, school or organization, you are eligible to apply for our Ballegro Partner Program.

  • The partners will get a unique partner coupon that allows 10% off the yearly subscription for the first year $99.99 $89.99
  • The partners will benefit by earning 10% affiliate commission for each subscription sold.
  • The discount coupon applies for the first year of subscription. After the first year, the subscription will be reviewed.
  • The partner can request a new coupon for the new year, or switch to the Business Plan.
  • The partners are offered the special Business Plan yearly subscription:
    • 50 Licenses $4,999.50 @10% off = $4,499.55 ($89.99/ea)
    • 100 Licenses $9,999 @15% off = $8,499.15 ($84.99/ea)
    • 150 Licenses $14,998.50 @20% off = $11,998.80 ($79.99/ea)
    • 200 Licenses $19,998 @25% off = $14,998.50 ($74.99/ea)
    • 250 Licenses $24,997.50 @30% off = $17,498.25 ($69.99/ea)
    • 300 Licenses $29,997 @35% off = $19,498.05 ($64.99/ea)
    • 350 Licenses $34,996.50 @40% off = $20,997.90 (59.99/ea)
    • 400 Licenses $39,996 @45% off = $21,997.80 ($54.99/ea)
    • 450 Licenses $44,995.50 @50% off = $22,497.75 ($49.99/ea)
    • 450+ Licenses @50% off
  • The partners can resell the available licenses to their students and faculty at their desired rate. Ballegro distributes the number of purchased licenses via coupon codes.
  • The Business Plan is valid for one year and can be renewed yearly.


  • Your classes will be much more efficient, and your students will learn much faster.
  • Your teachers will be more effective and will have peace of mind.
  • Your rehearsal process will have a better outcome and will allow more time to creativity.
  • Possible Feature on our Social Media pages.
  • Your teachers and students will automatically be enrolled on our Referral Program and will get discounted subscriptions.


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