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How To Do a Ballet-Inspired Egg Hunt

community Mar 28, 2018

The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the flowers are sprouting — spring is finally here, and along with it, Easter. Easter is popular with young and old. The little ones finally have holidays and a reason to eat tons of chocolate, and for the big ones, there are at least a few well-deserved holidays on the long Easter weekend. But one thing that is memorable for all is the hunt for the colorful Easter eggs.

Easter egg hunts are so much fun to organize, so today we’ve put together some tips for organizing a very special, ballet-themed Easter egg hunt for all the little ballerina bunnies in your family and life. Let’s get cracking, ballet PEEPS!

What do you need for an Easter egg hunt?

All you need for your ballet-themed Easter egg hunt is a bit of pre-planning, colorful, ballet-inspired eggs and free printable Easter egg hunt signs.  After that, you have to come up with your own ballet-themed Easter egg hunt clues and hide them in every corner in your apartment, tree or flower pot.

Ready, steady, hop!

The first clue will be hidden beneath the ballet Easter decorated table and say: ‘ show us all the five positions’. On we go to the next clue beneath the computer desk, and chop chop, show us your best arabesque. The third clue will be hidden in the ballerina’s room and say: ‘Show us your ballet pointed toes and walk straight to the ballerinas sleepy bedroom.’

The last clue will lead them outside: “Yippie, you’ve found me! Now, I guess you’d like your prize… Look outside, search a lot. Somewhere near a flower pot!” That is where they will find a tutu Easter basket full of chocolate eggs and little Easter ballet bunnies.

Happy Easter ballet hunt and may your Easter be eggcellent!


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