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App Update - iOS 3.1

apps news Jul 26, 2020
~ Written by Yawen, Founder and CEO at Ballegro Player

Each day at Ballegro, we aim to challenge, raise and surpass our own “barre” with full passion, aspiration and beliefs that each of our versions today is a constant improvement of our versions yesterday.  Since our humble beginning back in Summer 2017 when we launched our version 1.0, in the short 3 years we moved from version 1.0 to 3.1.  Each time we get feedback from our users, we make it a priority to perfect our creation, and a privilege to deliver our best!  We are extremely happy to announce our latest iOS app update with version 3.1, released on July 21, 2020.  

What’s New in Version 3.1

  1. Enhanced performance on the Tempo Adjuster
  2. Minor bug fix on the Song Queue List in the Full Player

Enhanced performance on the Tempo Adjuster

Several months ago, we received a comment sent to us from one of the Ballegro users in Japan, who mentioned that she noticed minor short pauses in the music playback when she changed the tempo on the fly in the middle of a saute exercise (because she wanted a faster group jumping after a slower group without stopping the song).  Our developers, after researching and experimenting on ways to perfect this technical aspect, delivered our current version in mid-July, where the previously found pauses in the music is greatly optimized with an overall performance improvement of the Tempo Adjuster.

Minor bug fix on the Quick Song List in the Full Player

We have also fixed a minor bug on the Quick Song List, located in the top right-hand corner on the Full Music Player (when it’s expanded from the Mini Player in the preview mode).  This Quick Song List provides our users the immediate access to all the songs on the currently playing playlist, allowing them to select and begin playing any songs desired, rather than using the Previous/Next button to advance one song at a time.  In our previous version we detected a minor mis-alignment between the song selected on the song list and the actual song title shown on the full player, while the song was playing back correctly.  In version 3.1, this issue has been addressed with the corrected alignment.

We hope you love Ballegro more and more each day as we build into it our care and perfection!

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