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Ballegro Demo - A Quick 3-Minute Walkthrough

apps news May 28, 2019

Ballegro has reached the robusto Version 3.0.  Over the past 2 years we have researched, developed and tested the beta versions until we finally reached our masterpiece stage.  This new, and most robust in features, version is finally out in the world and we are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished.

Ballegro Player is music streaming app that recreates the experience of having a Live Pianist. It features an ever-expanding Ballet Music Library with a unique Music Player; it lets you adjust the tempo and helps dance teachers or any dancer to practice in the tempo that they need.  Moreover, you can upload your own music, and play your personal music collection while accessing all the Ballegro features.  Our Smart Virtual Ballet Pianist helps dancers find their ideal music for practice by exercises, by lengths, by rhythms, by genres, by pianists and by PDB endtag options.  It is a creation and experience, that models after how a ballet pianist thinks, by providing an ever-expanding Music Library, Smart Search Filters, and a built-in Music Player designed to optimize teaching and allow dancers to practice anywhere, anytime, any tempo. 

More than a company, we are a community full of people who are passionate about the art of communicating through motion.  Today, we would like to show you how easy and practical our app is!  You can use Ballegro to browse quickly for a song by using our smart filters, create playlists, and even import your own songs whilst still accessing all of our Smart Player’s tools. We are happy to help dancers around the world to dance freely without the worry of not having a pianist available at all times.  With V3 we now offer a Freemium version with loads of useful features for FREE, with a Premium version that provides access to ALL the upgraded features!  Create your FREE account now, and download the new Ballegro V3.0 on the App Store.


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