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Ballegro Player - Your Smart Pocket Pianist has gone live!

news Jan 13, 2018
We have launched our Ballegro Player app!

Ballegro Player is a brand new app that goes live today on the Apple app store. This App has been created specifically for dancers and dance instructor’s needs in mind. It is a music app with 170 songs that anyone could play on or offline, with an option to add an extra 50 songs. It has the ability to change tempo, suggest songs to add to your playlist and put your chosen music on repeat. This app will save dancers from the headache of finding the right song and creating the right flow. The exquisitely performed high-quality music will help stimulate dancers to perform their best.

Founder Yawen Wang says: “I never thought of Ballegro just as a product. My vision is for it to act as a vehicle to inspire people to dance joyfully. Through dancing, people find themselves. Having been a dance pianist for over 20 years, I see the massive difference good music makes in a dancer’s life. Good music inspires and uplifts their soul, it helps bring out the best in them. I have watched how good and suitable music holds and supports the dancer. It encourages them to take more risks, make more turns, and jump higher.”

About Ballegro:
Our mission is to uplift and inspire dancers to move musically. Enabling them to have a deeper grasp of tempo, dynamics with emphasis, and phrasing with segmentation in their expression. Our vision is to be the #1 “Go-To” solution for dancers as their smart pocket pianist anytime, anywhere, on their path of self-empowerment.

Founder Bio:
Yawen the Renaissance Wo/Man has found a happy and fulfilling balance point between the poly-rhythm (music) and the poly-math (numbers). Yawen is an Innovative Creator, Visionary Entrepreneur, Change Catalyst, and Inspiration Powerplant who creates needle-moving experiences that help people feel uplifted, inspired and empowered. She is an award-winning concert pianist/artist, and more recently a holistic accountant for artists.

For interview or media coverage, please contact Yawen Wang at Tel. 1-604-260-0697.

Yawen Wang
Founder & CEO
Direct: 1-604-260-0697
Email: [email protected]


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