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Spotlight on Ballegro Partner - Harbour Dance Centre

community news partners Jun 30, 2019

Voted Best Dance Studio in Vancouver, Canada

Established in 1985 by original partners Pamela Quick-Rosa and Danielle Clifford, Harbour Dance Centre has evolved from a humble basement studio in a home in North Vancouver into one of the major hubs of Vancouver's dance scene, voted the Best Dance Studio in Vancouver by The Georgia Straight for numerous years.  Danielle still to this day teaches with the energy of a child. Her words of wisdom brighten everyone’s day as soon as she walks in. “Life is beautiful. Ballet is beautiful.'' If you ever get to meet these ladies, you’ll see why it is a labour of love.

Danielle toured throughout Europe as a principal dancer with the Grand Theatre de Nancy and as a soloist with the Nice Opera during the 50's and 60's. Shortly after immigrating to Canada in 1970, she opened the Ballet Studio in North Vancouver. Over the past ten years, Danielle has worked as ballet mistress at Anna Wyman Dance Company, completed the teacher training seminar at the National Ballet School of Canada and has adjudicated numerous competitions throughout the province. She was profiled in Vandance Magazine for her rich experiences.

Pamela is a professional dancer and choreographer. She has performed in numerous theatre, television and film productions and is director and co-owner of Harbour Dance.

This visionary duo created what is today one of Canada’s dance hubs, and we could not be more proud to call it home. Every faculty member contributes to make it a safe space to promote and nurture creativity.

Advocate for Ballegro 

Our partnership could not be different. Harbour Dance has been on the lookout for us ever since our development stage. Today, you can find us featured on their website right under their own app.  They are a true believer of what we have to offer the dance community. Their encouragement and eagerness to see us succeed really comes from the heart. They want everybody to succeed!  Every time one walks into the studio the atmosphere is contagious. Our Ballegro Founder Yawen often refers Harbour Dance as “The Happiest Place On Earth”.

HDC Summer Intensive 2019

Summer is just around the corner and we can expect our artistic scene to heat up quite a bit in the next month. Every summer, Harbour Dance Centre prepares a more-than-special calendar for dancers of all backgrounds, styles, and levels to enjoy. 

This year’s guest teachers are: Belinda Sobie, Curtis Foley, Dario Dinuzzi, Emily Noton, Julio Fuentes, Robert Policarpio, Sabrina Philip, as well as the bright panel of teachers that makes Harbour Dance Centre our home.

Classes are available in all levels to accommodate any aspiring dancer or professional.

Beginner: A low level dance class for dancers looking to pick up a new style, or starting again after a break. Some experience required.

Intermediate: Technical: We recommend 2-5 years of training. Jumps, turns and extensions will be included, as well as the ability to pick up choreography relatively quickly.

Advanced: Technical: We recommend over 5 years of intensive training. More advanced flexibility, intricate choreography, and advance jumps & turns.

Open Level: Open level classes are designed to accommodate different levels within the class. Students must have a minimum of two years of training.

If you are in Vancouver and you are a dancer, this Summer Intensive is something not to be missed and of course we will be there too. You will be able to see our Ballegro App running and supporting your classes. This event runs from July 8-26. You can check out their full schedule and sign up for your classes here.


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