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Want to Change Your Tempo? Here’s How You Can Get Involved!

community news Jul 27, 2019
~ Written by Antonios Bougiouris, Business Development Associate at Ballegro Player, Former Dancer at Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal and Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal

Many of you probably know that Ballegro is a streaming music app specifically designed to help dancers and teachers practice anywhere, at anytime, and at any tempo! Ballegro Player works as hard and as well as a live pianist and allows you to modify the tempo of any song to optimize your teaching and practice experience. You can also search for music by exercise, length, rhythm, and genre, making it that much easier. You can upload your own music collection or if you are looking for something new, take advantage of our curated music library. 

Because it was created by an ACTUAL ballet pianist, the Ballegro Player is the most effective and efficient music app designed for dance EVER!!!!!!

Whether you have downloaded the app or not (and we recommend that you do), what you may not know is there are two key ways to participate and get involved with our community.

  1. Ballegro’s Referral Program 
  2. Ballegro’s Partner-Affiliate Program

Ballegro’s Referral Program is open to any individual dancer, parent, or dance teacher who is not currently part of our other incentive programs and can be either a Free Plan or Premium Subscriber (either monthly or yearly). When you join the Referral Program, you get 50% off your next month's Premium subscription to Ballegro. After that, for every 10 new Premium subscribers who sign up using your unique referral code, you receive a 6-month Premium subscription for free.  

Ballegro’s Partner-Affiliate Program is available to any dance company, studio, school or organization. The benefits to having the player at your organization include: 

  • Your teachers will be more effective, more creative, with greater peace of mind.
  • Your students will spend more time learning, thanks to Ballegro’s efficiency. 
  • Your rehearsals will flow smoothly and with better group outcomes.
  • We’ll recognize you as part of Ballegro's growing community of Partners.
  • Your teachers and students have the opportunity to earn discounted subscriptions through our Referral Program.

There are two possible Partner-Affiliate plans:

  1. Commission Plan
  2. Business Plan

More than anything, Ballegro was designed to alleviate any challenges facing students and teachers and to build a community of solution finders! As a partner, that’s exactly what you will be helping us do too - helping people out in your community! Also, by letting people know that you are a partner with us you also benefit. It’s a virtuous cycle. 

So change your tempo and get involved here!

If you haven’t already done so, download Ballegro Player on your phone or on the web!

You can also sign up to receive our blog and mailing list! Stay up-to-date on the amazing things happening at Ballegro here!


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