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Lorel Leal - Purple

music news Jun 18, 2020
~ Written by Yawen, Founder and CEO at Ballegro Player

"I love to have fun, play with my boys, drink coffee, have dates with my hubby and play the piano a LOT!"

Ballegro welcomes aboard Lorel Leal - "The Barre Pianist" & Accompanist Extraordinaire at Alberta Ballet (Calgary, Alberta, Canada).  Lorel loves to have fun, play with her boys, drink coffee, have dates with her hubby and play the piano a LOT! On top of all of that, her most recent fascination and joy is creating a business based on music education, courses for ballet teachers!  An excellent salsa dancer, Lorel has lived in Jamaica, been featured in major newspapers including the People Project by the Calgary Herald, and played in many interesting places including Disneyland and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Ballegro Library’s June 2020 Album: « Purple » by Lorel Leal

A delightful and motivating intermediate/advanced ballet CD for a free class. Just pop it in and run your class; warmup through...

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Spotlight on Ballegro Partners - Les STUDIOS, Richmond Arts Centre and Ballet Hop!

community news partners Jun 18, 2020
~ Written by Yawen, Founder and CEO at Ballegro Player

Solidarity During the Pandemic:
Dance-Music Partnerships, Music Courtesy for Online Dance Classes

During this time of the global pandemics, we all have been forced to stay home and improvise our homes into an ad-hoc studio.  While almost all the studios and schools attempted their best shots in continuing the teaching and training via an online platform, there were many technical difficulties to overcome (such as the visuals, sound, video streaming software, etc), in order to deliver an experience that is as close to the one in a real studio as possible.   Besides the technical challenges, music performance rights is another hoop to jump through.  To keep the matter simple, most studios began the hunting process of royalty-free music that they can use for their online ballet classes.

Ballegro was approached by a number of studios during the month of April about their needs for royalty-free music, to be used...

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Ballegro is seeking a Technical Associate to join the team!

news Apr 08, 2020

Technical Associate

Ballegro Dance Music Technology Inc., a Vancouver-based startup dance music app company, is seeking a creative and self-motivated technical associate to join the company.  The successful candidate will assist in a wide variety of app/server support and maintenance tasks on a contract-basis in Summer 2020. Initial contract runs from May to August 2020 with the possibility for extension and/or evolving into a regular ongoing contract.  Click on the job post to see more details.

The Company & The Product

For dance schools, studios, teachers and students who need FLEXIBLE music for ballet practice, Ballegro is a music app that provides the experience of a live ballet pianist. The app speeds up /slows down tempos on the fly, and makes it easy to quickly find ideal exercise music by rhythm, length and style. Unlike CDs, music downloads in iTunes and music streaming sites such as Spotify and YouTube, Ballegro is an all-in-one digital tool specifically...

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Emanuele Lucchisani - Christmas Ballet Class

music news Nov 05, 2019
~ Written by Danielle Lee-Hogervorst, Outreach Coordinator at Ballegro Player, Alumni of Arts Umbrella’s Graduate Program

With a creepy witch cackle, many black cat hisses, haunted house visits, and bellies filled with candy, we say R.I.P. to Halloween 2019. 

No need to fret though! Winter festivities are about to begin! 

December is just around the corner, and in homes, stores, workplaces, and, of course, dance studios around the world, it will begin to look a lot like Christmas! 

Re-downloading your favorite Christmas ballet tunes can make you lose the holiday spirit, so we have a better idea!

With the magical accompanist Emanuele Lucchisani behind the piano, Ballegro has created the perfect playlist to get you in a festive mood!  With Tendu exercises to Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Grands Battements to Winter Wonderland, and Allegro to Let it Snow, you will be jolly and enjoying the Christmas cheer in no time.

November is often the time of...

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Emanuele Lucchisani - Magic Ballet Class

music news Oct 05, 2019
~ Written by Danielle Lee-Hogervorst, Outreach Coordinator at Ballegro Player, Alumni of Arts Umbrella’s Graduate Program

What is the only thing more thrilling than landing a triple pirouette on the left with pure ease and grace?  Doing it while being accompanied by the “Happiest Playlist on Earth!”  Yes, I am saying there is a full ballet playlist filled with every possible Disney sing-along you can think of!  :)

I have been thinking a lot lately about how much the artistry and passion of the ballet accompanist is transmitted to the dancers and teacher of the class. I become completely inspired when I am able to connect with and really FEEL the soul of the accompanist.  Another added bonus?  When you are able to sing along to the songs being played!  This allows me to take my mind off of my hyper-analytical brain and enjoy, smile, dance, and BREATHE!

This is why we at Ballegro have collaborated with Emanuele Lucchisani to offer...

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A Perspective on Perspectives

community dance tips Sep 21, 2019
~ Written by Danielle Lee-Hogervorst, Outreach Coordinator at Ballegro Player, Alumni of Arts Umbrella’s Graduate Program

Perspective. This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately, and wanted to share my own thoughts (and perspective...pun intended) on.  The opportunity and ability to gain perspective is a crucial part of one’s development. Perspectives can come from acquiring knowledge from another source, but I believe the most impactful perspective stems from first hand experience.  This is something I have had the great privilege of having access to, especially over the past few months. This summer, I travelled to Montreal and Banff, and this past month, I moved to Amsterdam! I have met people from across Canada, the United States, and all over Europe and Asia.  Hearing the life stories and their unique histories of these artists is so inspiring. It has opened my eyes to the different pasts and trajectories of people.

I don’t...

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Playing on the Edge - The Incredibly Adventurous Impromptus of Robert Swerdlow

interview Sep 13, 2019
Photo (from left to right): Danielle Lee-Hogervorst, Robert Swerdlow, Yawen

~ Written by Danielle Lee-Hogervorst, Outreach Coordinator at Ballegro Player, Alumni of Arts Umbrella’s Graduate Program

If you have ever had a live pianist accompany a ballet class, you are lucky. If your pianist was Robert Swerdlow, you would have been accompanied by a legend. Robert Swerdlow is a low-key, but highly successful pianist and a widely adored member of the artistic community.  Not only has he accompanied ballet and contemporary classes for 62 years (he is currently 82 and still plays without missing a note!) for legends including Martha Graham, José Limón and Merce Cunningham, but he has also written musicals, including Justine, which played off-Broadway. He is a composer, lyricist, producer, and director. AND I found out he was the inventor of the 4-track 16mm multi-lingual film projector!

A man of talent and ease in everything he attempts, Robert has lived a life...

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Back to School with a Magic Class with Emanuele Lucchisani

music news Sep 06, 2019
~ Written by Yawen CA, Founder & CEO at Ballegro Player, Pianist at Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal and École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec.

We're delighted to welcome the latest addition to the Ballegro Music Library, the young and talented jazz pianist, composer and ballet arranger Emanuele Lucchisani. You will love his creative arrangements of some of the most well-known tunes, guaranteed to lift up your ballet class with his sensitive, musical and virtuosic playing.

I met Emanuele in person in Vancouver during his cross-Canada trip in 2018.  I was the Company Pianist at Ballet BC when Emanuele contacted us and arranged to play for a class as his audition.  I was immediately mesmerized by his musicality and sensitivity right from the beginning of class with the Warm-up and the Pliés. He didn’t follow any sheet music that would block him from the dancers; he...

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Ballet Is Beautiful - Danielle Clifford’s Secret to Everlasting Joy

~ Written by Danielle Lee-Hogervorst, Outreach Coordinator at Ballegro Player, Alumni of Arts Umbrella’s Graduate Program

Danielle Clifford is one-of-a-kind, no one can ever replace her.  Now 77, she still teaches multiple ballet classes on a weekly basis and still demonstrates each exercise full-out!  She turns and jumps, her brain is sharp, and she never fails to bring joy to everyone she encounters!

Along with Pam Rosa, over 30 years ago, in 1985, Danielle co-founded Harbour Dance Centre, a downtown Vancouver studio at the heart of the city’s dance scene. But before this, she had a long and successful career as a performer with ballet companies across Europe including touring as a principal dancer with the Grand Theatre de Nancy and as a soloist with the Nice Opera.  Over the past 10 years, Danielle has worked as ballet mistress at Anna Wyman Dance Company, and has been an adjudicator at competitions across British Columbia. 

The founder of...

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Søren Bebe - Music for Ballet Class Vol.2

music news Aug 07, 2019
~ Written by Yawen CA, Founder & CEO at Ballegro Player, Pianist at Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal and Former Company Pianist at Ballet BC.

This month we released a final album by Søren Bebe, a formidable pianist who is one of the shining lights of jazz and contemporary music both in his home of Copenhagen and across Europe.  Søren has mostly written for his own projects but has also been commissioned to write work for the Danish theatre "Team Teateret," as well as a large piece for the National Gallery of Denmark. In 2012, Søren Bebe even received a grant from the Danish Arts Council. 

He has recorded 4 albums for the ballet class, and all of them are now available in our curated Ballegro Music Library!

If you have missed our blogs on these 3 earlier releases of Søren's albums, you can access all these blogs here:

Søren Bebe - Music for Ballet Class...

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