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All You Need To Know About Musicality.

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2018

We all have it — musicality. We get born with it and naturally sway, bounce and dance when we hear the music. Children just ‘feel’ the music. But what exactly is musicality?

It is how ballet dancers, or dancers in general, move and express themselves to music. It is the ability of the dancer to become one with the music and interpret what they hear. You have to understand the technical side of the music played but also dig inside of it in order to feel it.

“Musicality is understanding music on a technical level, and then dropping all of that knowledge so you can sit deep inside the music,” says choreographer and So You Think You Can Dance regular Wade Robson. “It’s dancing inside the music, as opposed to floating on top of it.”

Musicality can be demonstrated in several ways — what sounds do you decide to dance to, what do you want to highlight in the music and which mood do you want to create with what you hear?

Can you learn...

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5 Reasons You Should Try Ballet Today

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2018

If you’ve ever watched a ballet or seen it on tv, you would agree that there is almost no other performance form that is so technical yet stunningly graceful at the same time. Ballet is so rich in history and forms the basis of many other dance forms, including jazz, contemporary, modern.

While ballet, or dance in general, can seem daunting for many people who have never tried it before, it can be a really fun way to improve multiple aspects of your life.

Here are Ballegro’s 5 reasons you should try ballet today-

Create body awareness
The technical structure of ballet classes allows you to explore the movements of your own body and better understand your strengths and weaknesses. Spatial and kinesthetic awareness is something that can be improved with practice.

Improve and gain excellent posture
Ballet dancers are known for their gracefulness, much of it due to their great posture which is an important component of the practice. After enough training, this is one attribute...

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Ballegro Player - Your Smart Pocket Pianist has gone live!

news Jan 13, 2018
We have launched our Ballegro Player app!

Ballegro Player is a brand new app that goes live today on the Apple app store. This App has been created specifically for dancers and dance instructor’s needs in mind. It is a music app with 170 songs that anyone could play on or offline, with an option to add an extra 50 songs. It has the ability to change tempo, suggest songs to add to your playlist and put your chosen music on repeat. This app will save dancers from the headache of finding the right song and creating the right flow. The exquisitely performed high-quality music will help stimulate dancers to perform their best.

Founder Yawen Wang says: “I never thought of Ballegro just as a product. My vision is for it to act as a vehicle to inspire people to dance joyfully. Through dancing, people find themselves. Having been a dance pianist for over 20 years, I see the massive difference good music makes in a dancer’s life. Good music inspires and uplifts their...

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