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Ballet Music For Everyone.

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Ever-Expanding Music Library 🎵

No more digging through boxes of dance music CD's, no more precious time wasted searching and previewing tracks on looking for the perfect ballet exercise song. The ballet music is already especially chosen and recorded for ballet dance classrooms by professional ballet pianists. The collection is ever-expanding, as we keep recording and adding songs every month!



Built-In Dance Music
Player 🎵

Ballegro features a  built-in music player that is especially created for teaching dance classes.

▶️ Tempo Adjuster: Lets you set the ideal tempo for your students. It does that by letting you slow down or accelerate the playback of each song, just by pressing a button or moving the slide.

▶️  Repeat/Loop Toggle: A loop button that lets you play the song as many times as you want, without having to manually start it again.



Smart Search/Ask The Maestro 🎵

Our Smart Search (a.k.a. Ask The Maestro) features a variety of filters that will let you find the perfect song in seconds!



Playlist Builder 🎵

Our Playlist Builder will transform your disorganized scrambling to organized efficiency. Build different playlists for each of your different classes, or build your personal training routine. No more time-wasting search on finding music for your dance training or class. Simply press play and let the class begin!


“Dancers are one of the most hardworking and inspiring people in the world, and they deserve good music that inspires them back.  Good music unlocks the dialogue with the soul, motivates the practice, magically and subliminally encourages many of the 'right things'.”
— Yawen

Your Pocket Pianist For Ballet Classes & Exercises.

Practice Anywhere, Anytime, Any Tempo.

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